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Terms of Service

Membership in Zoodbash City means you abide by the rules and taking steps according to rules leads to further stability of the site and providing better services.
- Enter your Email correctly and avoid using 'www' before your Email address. Soon, according to website's policy, logging into the website will only be possible by entering a PIN code sent to the user's Email address.
- Posts only reflect the idea and opinion of the author and does not represent the ideology of the site authers.
- Zoodbash City has no responsibility for users' posts on this website. However, required actions will be taken upon receiving violation reports.
- Using the website against the civil and official laws as well as international requirements is perceived as violation.
- Avoid using profile pictures with inappropriate clothing which is against the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
- Users are required to pay attention to the notifications issued by the website's warning center and posting a warning message as a public message on the website is against the rules and the person violating this rule will be prosecuted.
- Users must avoid any disputes on the website and upon receiving such reports, the users who violate, will be prosecuted.
- Users are allowed to be active in several groups. Furthermore, the chief group manager cannot have any claims to the activities of their group managers in other groups.
- Posting any content related to pornography, nudity, obscenity, and homosexuality is considered as violation.
- Using any type of software to increase the user's/ group's number of posts is recognized as spam and the user will be blocked.
- Copying other users' posts is against the website's rules and if this is proved, the person who violating this rule will get blocked.
- Using names such as manager, manager of Zoodbash Virtual City, police of Zoodbash Virtual City and similar titles either in Persian or English, is against the website rules and the user in question will be prosecuted.
- All activities involving distribution of virus, Trojan, or any other malware are considered a violation.
- Avoid spamming.
- Zoodbash Virtual City reserves the right to send Emails to its users.
- Any type of gathering, meeting (group gatherings), by the users outside the virtual world is prohibited, and if such behavior is observed, the information of the users who violated this rule will be shared with the Judiciary.
- Managers of other social networking sites who aim to invoke the site’s users will not be accepted and their membership will be blocked forever.
- Sending friend request by the site’s users is against the rules and user who has violated the rule will be prosecuted .
- posting any landline or mobile phone numbers and messenger IDs on the website, which is done for friendship or any other abuse, is prohibited and the users who violate this rule will be prosecuted.
- Blocked users are only able to seek help via the 'contact form' by entering their Email address. If a user protest about other users getting blocked in the website, the managers can permanently block them.
- Avoid sending repeated posts to increase the number of your own profile or your group posts. If such behavior is observed, your account will be suspended.
- Avoid posting scripts or pop-ups in the groups.
- DO not advertise your group in other groups, and if such behavior is observed, the user’s account will be suspended and the group in question will be removed.
- Users are required to conduct in accordance with the rules of Zoodbash Virtual City and cyber-crimes rules and to notify administrators about any post violating rules.
- Avoid using your mobile or phone number as username or profile.
- Advertisements that are registered by spammers on the website will not be verified and no refunded will be given.
- Avoid putting iframe or pop-up codes. Otherwise, you will be blocked.
- Avoid using anti-Shariah (against Iran regulations) profile photos.
- In case problems arise in the site’s server, pictures and attached files might be deleted and due to the large number of files, making backups is not possible. Thus, Zoodbash Virtual City has no responsibility in this regard. You can upload your files on other sites.
- Users are required to select appropriate username and safeguard their password.
- If a VIP user is suspended, no refunded will be given to the user if they have already made a purchase.
- If a group takes action to damage the website, the group will be removed and the group administrator and all the responsible members will be suspended as well.
- minimum age requirement on our website is 13.
- Every user is only allowed to select one username. If users with more than one profile are identified, all their accounts will be terminated.
- Any abuse of other users’ information, photos, and details is prohibited.
- Usernames must not contain improper and taboo words. Otherwise the account will be terminated
- Any type of “publishing anti-Sharia content and pictures” is prohibited and the IP and username of the person violating this rule will be terminated and they will be persecuted.
- Provoking users, calling to Satanism, prostitution, addiction, suicide, sexual abuse, participation in illegal demonstrations and gatherings is prohibited and if necessary, their IP will be given to legal authorities.
- Provoking other users in any type, as seen by the site administrator, will be against the terms and condition, and the users activity will be limited on the site.
- Publishing false content, using obscene words, lies, and disrespect to other users, religion, beliefs, persons, organs and offices, organizations and authorities is against the rules and no political groups must be created and posts related to and against the government must be avoided.
- Posting contents from blocked sites is not permitted.
- Advertising religions other than Islam is not permitted.
- Avoid posting contents promoting Satanism and Satanists.
- Posting any malware and virus through Zoodbash Virtual City is prohibited.
- Sharing any Internet-bypassing software, VPN and proxy is against rules.
- Insulting government authorities or sanctity of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries and cults is prohibited and the users violating this rule will be prosecuted.
- Mocking nations and cults is prohibited and all are required to respect others and avoid posting jokes about them. We reserve the right to suspend any user who tries to damage the site or create tension, and remove all their content if necessary.
- Removing a user account in Zoodbash Virtual City does not completely delete the user account. It only deactivates the user account and makes the user profile invisible to others. To completely delete a user account, you must use the 'contact form' and notify the administrator.
We reserve the right to:
- Change our terms and condition if necessary. Therefore, you should frequently check the terms and conditions page.
- Users are awarded credits based on activities they perform on the social network like posting images, text, videos, and liking others' posts. These credits can be redeemed for money. Zoodbash Virtual City reserves the right to change the credits allocated for activities, and subsequently, money value associated with credits.